Best Christian Books For Healing

One Of The Top Ten Christian Books On Healing, Doing Time With God  Is Easy To Read & Powerful In How God's Presence Shines Through The Stories

 "A beautiful testimony of how our shared-life in God is renewed through story. It shows the reconciling power of God's love in our openness and vulnerability - the way to Peace. If you want to see who we are created to be for one another, read this book. It is a wake-up call." 

Sr. Helen Prejean

After Being Robbed and Shot at an ATM, Bill Dyer Was Locked Up In Hurt And Anger, Hatred And Resentment. Then A Miracle Happened; God Led Him Out Of Darkness And Into Prison To Share His Story With Inmates For Healing, Forgiveness, And Hope.

          As One Of The Best Christian Books For Healing This Supports Your Faith Journey In Ways That May Surprise You

    - Leads To Reflection 
    On How God Is With You Now

    - Shows How Healing Leads To Freedom In Christ

    - Reveals How God Can Use Life Hurts For Good 

    - Opens 
    Insights For Mending Broken Relationships 

    - Shows Participation In God's Healing Through Vulnerability

    - Brings Hope For A Brighter Day With Healing Stories

    - Inspires By The Beautiful Ways God Meets Our Needs

    - Proves Why We Need Others On Our Healing Journey

    - Contains Reflection Questions For Your Healing Process

    Best Christian Books For Healing

    On a morning in September, Bill Dyer stopped at an ATM on his way out of town for work. Moments later he was being robbed and a short time after that - shot and left in the middle of a street to die. During many months of healing, spent in and out of the hospital, Bill craved revenge; he obsessed about it. Filled with anger, hatred, and resentment, Bill never imagined that God would one day lead him into prison to share his healing journey and testimony with inmates.

    In Doing Time with God, you enter prison with Bill and other crime victims to meet with prisoners. Nothing is ever predictable when they come together, open up, and listen to each others' stories for God's purposes of healing, rehabilitation, and forgiveness. 

    Victim-survivors remember all that they have lost; they share  their pain and the ways in which their lives have never been the same; and they talk about how the crime still affects some cases many years later. Offenders are confronted with the pain and hurt that they have caused, and they open up wounds from past hurts of their own. Walls of fear and defensiveness are leveled by vulnerability, compassion, and tears.


    Raw emotions pour out. The journey to peace is messy, turbulent, and intense. Sometimes it is heartbreaking. But even when it isn't pretty, the way to Peace is beautiful in how it unfolds and miraculous in the way that lives are transformed.

    If you have been in search of the best christian books for healing, you are in a great place. Doing Time With God  shines light on what works for people who are on a healing journey. Of the millions of books on the market today, it is challenging to determine the top ten christian books on healing and deliverance. 

    However, Doing Time With God  is a book that we believe belongs with the best. The reason for this is because it contains the healing power of stories. Not only that, they apply to a broad spectrum of people - with victims of violence on one end and hardened criminals on the other, accounting for a vast number of people in between.

    This Is One Of The Best Christian Books For Healing Because It Opens Your Heart, Touches Your Soul, And Renews Your Mind 

    While reading this book, you may experience these things happening in yourself. Discussion questions and an afterword by the author invite you to reflect on your own journey, discover new meaning, and expand this movement of Peace in your life.  

    Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

    See What Others Say About Doing Time with God As One Of The Best Christian Books On Healing Past Hurts - Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually

    "This book belongs in the Wow category"
    Wanda Bemel

    "As I read this book I felt the Holy Spirit in it and in me. I cried, I laughed, and I let God change me. The book is honest, upfront, REAL, and filled with God’s love."
    Katie W.

    Family Member of Murder Victim

    "I was struck by the action “pause for God”…which I am quite sure I do not do enough, and which can result in growth, healing, and transformation for those who do. I was profoundly touched by the personal results and the promise for the future.”
    Hayden B.

    Friend of Murder Victim

    Here Are A Few More Reasons Why Doing Time with God  Is One Of The Best Christian Books On Healing And Deliverance

    "…The presence of a loving, nurturing, and persistent God weaves its way through each page-turning account of how lives are changed by Faith."
    Joseph Pryor

    Assistant Warden; Chief Chaplain, Federal Bureau of Prisons (retired)

    "I am soooo moved…I am having to hold myself back from devouring it without taking time to savor every GIFT."
    Bea S.

    Spiritual Advisor

    "Doing Time with God is packed full of courage, wisdom, and inspiration. I recommend this book to anyone who has lived the valleys and peaks of life; folks who are struggling with forgiveness, for those who are dealing with anger or loss. This book will give insight into what true unconditional love is like."
    Scott H.

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    The Best Christian Books For Healing Have One Thing In Common: They Open Your Heart To God's Healing Presence With You Now