Christian Books On Healing And Deliverance

Among the essential factors a book must have for readers who want to further their journey of healing is to have a message that touches the reader in such a way that healing occurs as the book is being read. This happens for numerous readers of Doing Time With God.

One of the most important aspects of healing is to know that God is with us and helping us through the process, especially when we feel we cannot go on.

There are various books about healing that are written by Christians; this page includes a list of some of the best ones. In many cases,  the authors share about their experiences, what they went through, and how they found healing with God's help.

One Of The Best Christian Books On Healing Past Hurts, Doing Time With God  Is Easy To Read & Powerful In How God's Presence Shines Through The Stories

1. Doing Time With God - Bill Dyer
This is one of the best christian books on healing past hurts because God brought it forth after the author was robbed and shot on his way to work. When God led Dyer into prison to share his experience with inmates, no one could have predicted how God's healing love would change lives. By seeing themselves in the stories, readers of this book can reflect on the message and apply the healing insights to their own journey.

2. Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas
This book talks about the era where Hitler rises to power and resulted in horror and problems. It’s through Christ that people are able to withstand the murderers, death, and tragedy. Also talks about the Jews and what they went through during the confinement and how they prayed for help.

3. The Messiah Comes To The Middle Earth by Philip Ryken
The author offers his insight into the spiritual world. He explains what it would be like when God shows up to the world. He uses his wisdom and leadership to provide an amazing prophecy involving Christ and what he can do to heal us. This is a very genuine book that depicts the faith of Christianity.

4. The imperfect Disciple by Jared Wilson
Christians are not perfect, but they are wonderful disciples of God. This entails the screw ups and issues that Christian individuals go through. The book has wisdom on what it’s like to be the imperfect disciple and how we can get closer to God and heal.


5. Exodus by T Desmond Alexander
This book is 800 pages that offer a philosophical in-depth analysis of the Exodus chapter on the Bible. It applies to the Old Testament, and it’s a basic interpretation and deeper understanding of God‘s words and how it relates to our healing in our future.

6. The Last Adam by Brandon Crowe
The book shows that Jesus is the second Adam in every way of life. Christ was basically everything that Adam failed to be an in this book, the author further explains why and what Adam could have done to be a better Christ. It’s a very philosophical book that brings us to a closer understanding towards the analysis of Christianity and it’s healing powers.

7. Destroyer Of The Gods by Larry Hurtado
In the past, Christianity was weird and bizarre. They experience sex and marriage in different ways that the Roman pagans do. The author creates a distinct for contrast between the Roman pagan and Christian way of living. This explains the power of faith and healing as well as a wonderful historical facts to give us more insights and hope.

8. God’s Wisdom For Navigating Life by Tim and Kathy Keller
The book is devoted to the proverbs which center around psalm. The book contains a collection of wisdom from scriptures and cultural engagement, parenting, marriage, and church experience to help the reader navigate through the complexity of life.

Here Are A Few More

Christian Books On Healing And Deliverance


9. God Is The Very Good Idea by Trulia Newbell and Catalina Echeverri
The book centers around Christianity and ethnic unity. The book emphasizes on a team of creative, feeling, redemption, and restoration that is all part of God's plan and the strategy to support diversity. It’s a way of depicting how Christianity can unify all of us.

10. A Reader's Guide To The Major Writing Of Jonathan Edwards by Nathan Finn and Jeremy Kimble
This looks into modern-day debates and ambiguity revolving Christianity. It’s a series of scholars that offer to analyze the situation of Christ and how he is with us during the healing process.

11. Martin Luther, The Man Who Rediscovered God And Changed The World by Eric Metaxas
The story talks about Martin Luther and how he was linked to the demons from this pass. He shows us how he overcome these demons through God, and what he did to revolutionize the world. It’s a very inspirational book that shows how we can be inspired to change not only ourselves but others as well.

Doing Time With God Is One Of The Best Christian Books For Healing Because It Opens The Heart, Touches The Soul, And Renews The Mind 

While reading this book, you may experience these things happening in yourself. Discussion questions and an afterword by the author invite you to reflect on your own journey, discover new meaning, and expand this movement of Peace in your life.  

Why Is Doing Time With God One Of The
Best Christian Books On Healing And Deliverance?

Doing Time With God includes healing stories that touch readers' hearts. Although the stories are centered around crime victims and convicted felons, the healing process itself relates to all of us as people.

As people in the book go through their healing process, readers quickly realize that the stories in Doing Time With God are teaching by example, touching them in ways that bring insight, teach lessons, and shine light on next steps that can be taken.

By imagining themselves in particular scenes or situations, readers can ask themselves meaningful questions to further their healing process: Exactly what is the purpose of this story? Does this story disclose insights that I can relate to my journey? Is this story leading me to do something that I have left undone? Does the story move me in a particular direction that will assist in my healing?

One of the most special features of Doing Time With God is exactly how God's presence is recognized in the last place most people would anticipate - in the midst of jail and prison. This is a significant factor considering the fact that lots of people do not experience God with them throughout the healing process, especially when it becomes very unpleasant. In such instances, it is common for people to doubt where God is and even believe that God is not present with them in their suffering.

Doing Time With God reveals how God is present during the most difficult times, even when victims and inmates share their pain with one another in an effort to break free from their inner prisons of resentment and bitterness. Readers see how the experience of God's love is possible in the midst of suffering, bringing them hope when they need it the most.

Doing Time With God is one of the best christian books for healing. It shows that Christ's comforting and healing presence is always with you and can be experienced when you need it the most.

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See Why Others Say Doing Time With God Is One Of The Best Christian Books On Healing Past Hurts

"As I read this book I felt the Holy Spirit in it and in me. I cried, I laughed, and I let God change me. The book is honest, upfront, REAL, and filled with God’s love."
Katie W.

Doing Time With God Is One Of The Best Christian Books On Healing And Deliverance Because It Shows How Healing Leads To Freedom In The Midst Of Prison